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Your Art: Your performance reel!

Your business is YOU. Whether you are on stage, screen or in front of a room, or even trying to get a job, getting yourself in front of more prospective clients or employers is vital.

There is no better way to show them what you can do than by creating your own video resume, acting or performance reel.

In addition to showing you in action in your films, TV shows or on stage, SpotEdge Media reels include a customized Personality Slate, giving you the chance to talk to your audience directly. This helps you to convey your true personality. Set yourself apart from the rest with a Performance Reel by SpotEdge Media.

  • Actors
  • Singers and Bands
  • Performance artists
  • Professional Public Speakers
  • Artists

Let your reel sell for you and BOOK THE GIG, GET THE PART, WIN THE JOB and GET MORE WORK!

See some examples below: These videos are hosted at YouTube and may be blocked by some corporate networks.


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