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Video Production Services

SpotEdge Media can produce your entire commercial.

We can brainstorm with you to help create the best concept. Then we write a great script,
shoot the scenes and edit the final cut.

Let us prepare it for streaming over the web, sent via email or for placement on TV or DVD.

If your business is slow, this is the time to advertise with video.

Video Production capabilities:


• Produce commercial, film or advertisement for TV, the web or DVD

• Concept planning

• Script writing

• Story boarding

• Shoot video

• Capture video

• Video editing of footage

• Audio editing of footage

• Sound Design

• Custom music scores

• Special video effects

• Green screen videos

• Jib arm shots

• Dolly shots

• Helicopter video

• Corporate Videos

• Training Videos

• TV Commercials

• Web video commercials

• Viral Videos

• Films

• DVD Videos

• Promotional Video

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